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It is great that the internet has allowed easy access to so many informative websites. I feel like most people aren’t aware of most of these websites out there with all these neat articles and informative content. I’d like to share just some of the articles on a few different websites that I have come across today.

Why do  Zebras have stripes?
There has been a debate since the 1870s between scientists about why Zebras have stripes. There has been many theories including that they repel insects, provide camouflage, reduce body temperature, confuse predators, or help the animals interact socially. A group of researches went out to test these theories on a study that included basically every single species of Zebra known to man, which by the way, I found out are species of the equid group. They found that the only factor which is highly associated with the Zebra’s stripes is that they help repel biting flies. This is due to earlier research findings that horse flies are attracted to the polarization of reflected light, and a striped pattern disrupts this appealing polarization.

Source: Mental Floss

The 5 biggest disasters in marketing history
You guys all remember the advertisements on television from Blockbuster telling us that they would no longer charge customers late fees? Well that was an advertising gimmick that was supposed to help them compete with the growing streaming video services. Unfortunately they didn’t really abolish these fees, instead they basically renamed them to things like “restocking fess” and “administrative cost”. These were all fees that would actually end up costing more than the late fees that they supposedly got rid of. A few more bad decisions and lawsuits later, they finally went out of business. This is just one of 5 marketing disasters you can read about in this article.

Source: Cracked

Midair Plane Collision
This is an interesting video I found while reading about amazing events caught on video, this is certainly one of them. This is as the title suggests, a collision of 2 planes in midair. What makes this video amazing is that it was filmed from within the plane at time of impact, by more than 3 Go Pro Cameras attached to the skydiver’s helmets.

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