Weird Animal Monday: Deep-Sea Squid

Viewed with night vision camera.

This may look like something out of  War Of The Worlds but it’s nothing more than a squid. They are rarely ever sighted because of the depth in which they are found (Anywhere between 1,000m or 3,3oo ft to 4,000m or 13,000 feet). Their exact size is not known due to their rarity and the fact that it’s hard to measure size underwater with current equipment, but it is estimated they are about 26 ft in length. Their tentacles are all the same length, a trait that belongs to an extinct order of Cephalopods called Belemnites. Their feeding behavior is unknown because they are rarely ever observed.

As creepy as they look, the chances of you running into one would be more amazing than scary, since they are found where humans cannot easily reach, even with state of the art equipment. Below are a few videos of their rare sightings.

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