2017 Content Goals

This past year I believe I posted more content than I have in the past. I’m proud about the content that I posted, and I tried hard not to simply post things that I found on other websites. I also focused too much on not making posts too personal without realizing that my initial intention with the website was for it to be a blog about things I found interesting. Because of that, I avoided sharing a lot of things that I found interesting, and the website lacked new constant content and updates. This year I plan to make a few changes in the type of content that I post. I will be more laid back about what I post on the website and you will find a lot more personal content. To accommodate all these personal posts, I’ll tag them appropriately so that they can be filtered through for those that rather not read them, although I’ll still try to make sure that they’re somewhat interesting. I hope everyone has a great new year!

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