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2017 Content Goals

This past year I believe I posted more content than I have in the past. I’m proud about the content that I posted, and I tried hard not to simply post things that I found on other websites. I also focused too much on not making posts too personal without realizing that my initial intention with the website was for it to be a blog about things I found interesting. Because of that, I avoided sharing a lot of things that I found interesting, and the website lacked new constant content and updates. This year I plan to make a few changes in the type of content that I post. I will be more laid back about what I post on the website and you will find a lot more personal content. To accommodate all these personal posts, I’ll tag them appropriately so that they can be filtered through for those that rather not read them, although I’ll still try to make sure that they’re somewhat interesting. I hope everyone has a great new year!

Self Challenge: A Better State Of Mind (Part 1)

Your alarm goes off at 9 in the morning, you set it the night before knowing you have plenty to do the following day. You barely open one eye to find that snooze button and you hit it to get those extra 9 minutes of sleep. The alarm goes off again in what seems to be 5 seconds later, and you realize you must get up because you have many things to accomplish that day. Instead of getting up, you reach over and disable the alarm, you acknowledge that you must get up, but your body doesn’t respond, instead you tell yourself you will simply lay there for a couple more minutes until your body finds the energy to get off the bed. Next thing you know, you wake up and it’s 2 in the afternoon, and you have to be at work at 3! You hop off the bed and get ready for work, and the rest of the day you’re feeling crummy because you accomplished nothing constructive that morning.

Alright, so maybe this doesn’t happen to everyone this exact way, this is how my week days usually go by. I work third shift 4-5 days a week, sometimes even 6. I find it very difficult to get  off the bed, but I’ve realized those few times that I’ve found energy to do so, getting off the bed is the only hard part. You may think that this is normal for everyone, but what if you find the rest of your day being similar? What if you manage to get up in time but you find it hard to get out of the house because you don’t have the energy to do so? That is simply not normal, for anyone. Everyone is allowed to sometimes run out of energy and feel like they just want to relax, but being in this state of mind all day every day makes you a very unproductive person.

Today, while at work, I had an epiphany. I was currently under prescribed pain killers due to a massive tooth ache, and I felt different. For the first time in a long time, I felt relaxed, patient, and full of energy (or at least enough energy to get things done). Of course, this is a direct result of the chemical reactions happening in your body due to the pain killers, but what if we always felt this way? I’m sure there’s people out there that are naturally always in this state of mind and physically as well, but how do we achieve this if we aren’t naturally gifted with it?

My friend Gabriel once told me, not long ago, that he changed his eating habits, and that greatly and directly affected his state of mind, which also helped him improve his body physically. It is a proven fact that being in a good physical shape can help with your state of mind. I have many times enrolled in gyms, and I’ve found each and every time that after a week or two of attending, even if I’m not seeing physical results, I have a lot more energy during the day, and I am much more productive.

I have given myself the challenge to better my state of mind by changing some of my eating habits, and engaging in more physical activity. I am also going to spend more time with my family in outdoor activities to help with my state of mind. Spending time with family will help me mentally. I will post my progress at least once a week, and compare what has changed, in hopes that this will help others as well.

Shane’s First Joke

Shane has always been a very spontaneous kid, like most. And he always tries to repeat knock-knock jokes that he hears on TV to try and make someone laugh. Today, he caught me off guard with a joke he completely made up on the spot. We were in his little sister’s room, when he suddenly sneezed, here’s how the conversation went.

Me: Are you alright Shane?
Shane: Yes, just sneezed.
Me: Are you getting sick?
Shane: Yeah, I think I’m getting a cold, because it was cold downstairs, get it?

Alright, so not the funniest joke in the world, but the fact that he caught that it could of been something funny and then immediately went for it, was pretty impressive at his age, made my day.

Favorite YouTube Channels

I’ve started a small collection of regularly updated YouTube channels that I subscribe to that I like. I thought it would be neat to share them. I will separate them by categories.


Pranksters In Love – This channel is about a couple that have been playing pranks on each other for years. They go back and forth playing different pranks on each other and record them for everyone’s entertainment.

Break – This channel regularly updates posting funny and extreme videos. They have several themed videos they upload through the year’s holidays as well, such as April Fools pranks videos. They have a good collection of compilations that include top fails and top pranks.

Just For Laughs – This is a Canadian television show that has been around for a long time. They make small but funny innocent pranks on random people, usually out in public. They have hundreds of videos from their show and is regularly updated with more clips.

Roman Atwood – Well known prankster that regularly uploads videos of pranks him and his friends do. Some of his pranks are pretty extreme.

Vitalyzd TV – Another well known prankster that has even been arrested for the extreme pranks that he does to random people, usually in public.

Steve-O – Not much introduction is needed for this guy, star of the popular show/movies Jackass. After he cleaned up (from a bad drug habit), he has decided to very recently start his own YouTube channel in which he goes around doing random pranks and random painful things to himself.


Husky StarCraft – A really good commentator to my favorite game of all time. He regularly casts videos of recent pro league replays from tournaments and other neat matches.

Force Strategy Gaming – Good channel for a small list of games that he prefers to play, he casts replays from StarCraft as well as casts his own gameplay.


Asap Science – This quickly became one of my favorite channels due to how they easily explain complicated science questions. They have a very neat way of showing it as well, which makes it very entertaining.

All Time 10s – This channel posts videos on a list of 10 things for a variety of subjects. Very educational and they update regularly.

Mental Floss – The famous informal magazine has a great channel with many great videos, even some that debunk popular myths.

Do It Yourself:

Rosanna Pansino – She’s good at showing how to make themed cakes and other holiday crafts


North Carolina Paralyzed

For the first time in over 6 years working where I work, I’ve been called to not show up for the first time. My girlfriend currently sits at the parking lot of her job, in her car, where she has been for the past 2 hours, waiting on traffic to get going. My aunt is stuck at a parking lot as well, she got off work hours ago but still hasn’t been able to make it home. Businesses big and small all over the state are closing as the entire state goes into complete paralysis due to the severe snow storm going on.

I’m hoping that our power doesn’t go out, it’s one of the worst things that can happen when you can’t even leave your house because the streets are so dangerous. The worst part of where I live during this time of year is the tight turns and steep hills that we have to take to get to or leave our home. I hope everyone makes it home safely.