Things You Didn’t Know About Abraham Lincoln

I’ve never been a big history buff even though it certainly intrigues me, but one of the things that has always caught my attention is the history behind presidency. Browsing through the web last night I ran across multiple facts about Abraham Lincoln in different sources coincidentally.

One of the most amazing photos I have ever seen about the history of the United States is this professionally colorized real photo of Abraham Lincoln.

Professionally colorized photo of president Lincoln.
Professionally colorized photo of president Lincoln.

Source: Reddit

Another fact that intrigues me about Abraham Lincoln is that he actually had 2 life masks made before he was assassinated. They are near replicas of his face, and can be printed out via the Smithsonian website.

Lincoln Life Masks. Left mask was done in 1860, Right mask was done in 1865.
Lincoln Life Masks. Left mask was done in 1860, Right mask was done in 1865.

Source: Mental Floss

To finish off this post, here are some other random facts about Abraham Lincoln I bet you didn’t know (I sure didn’t).

  • He was the first president to be assassinated.
  • He had deep depression, even though he would frequently tell jokes and stories to friends and family.
  • He was the tallest U.S president at 6’4″.
  • His birth mother died from milk sickness.
  • He was the first president to have a beard.
  • He was fond of pets and owned many.
  • One week before his death, he had a dream of someone crying in the White House, when he found the room; he looked in and asked who had passed away. The man in the room said the President. When he looked in the coffin, it was his own face he saw.

Source: A Lincoln Library

Interesting Articles

It is great that the internet has allowed easy access to so many informative websites. I feel like most people aren’t aware of most of these websites out there with all these neat articles and informative content. I’d like to share just some of the articles on a few different websites that I have come across today.

Why do  Zebras have stripes?
There has been a debate since the 1870s between scientists about why Zebras have stripes. There has been many theories including that they repel insects, provide camouflage, reduce body temperature, confuse predators, or help the animals interact socially. A group of researches went out to test these theories on a study that included basically every single species of Zebra known to man, which by the way, I found out are species of the equid group. They found that the only factor which is highly associated with the Zebra’s stripes is that they help repel biting flies. This is due to earlier research findings that horse flies are attracted to the polarization of reflected light, and a striped pattern disrupts this appealing polarization.

Source: Mental Floss

The 5 biggest disasters in marketing history
You guys all remember the advertisements on television from Blockbuster telling us that they would no longer charge customers late fees? Well that was an advertising gimmick that was supposed to help them compete with the growing streaming video services. Unfortunately they didn’t really abolish these fees, instead they basically renamed them to things like “restocking fess” and “administrative cost”. These were all fees that would actually end up costing more than the late fees that they supposedly got rid of. A few more bad decisions and lawsuits later, they finally went out of business. This is just one of 5 marketing disasters you can read about in this article.

Source: Cracked

Midair Plane Collision
This is an interesting video I found while reading about amazing events caught on video, this is certainly one of them. This is as the title suggests, a collision of 2 planes in midair. What makes this video amazing is that it was filmed from within the plane at time of impact, by more than 3 Go Pro Cameras attached to the skydiver’s helmets.

StarCraft 2 As Zerg

For those of you that like to play StarCraft 2, you know that one of the hardest races to play as is Zerg, due to the demanding APM requirement. I started out playing as Terran as most new players do, but I have slowly transitioned to playing as Zerg because I enjoy it more. I have this recent replay to show my current progress. I have been winning a lot lately as Zerg and overall I enjoy this race more than the others.

Remember Steve from Blue’s Clues?

I always wondered why the original host of Nick Jr.’s “Blue’s Clues” left. I often heard stories of him having to leave due to cancer, so Imagined he probably passed soon after. I never bothered to do any actual research on it, but we all remember that show that thought our little nephews, cousins, or kids how to count and sing catchy songs. It turns out that Steve Burns actually voluntarily left the show after 5 years to pursue a career of singing in a band. Here’s a video of a song of his first and last album ever released back in 2003.

Favorite YouTube Channels

I’ve started a small collection of regularly updated YouTube channels that I subscribe to that I like. I thought it would be neat to share them. I will separate them by categories.


Pranksters In Love – This channel is about a couple that have been playing pranks on each other for years. They go back and forth playing different pranks on each other and record them for everyone’s entertainment.

Break – This channel regularly updates posting funny and extreme videos. They have several themed videos they upload through the year’s holidays as well, such as April Fools pranks videos. They have a good collection of compilations that include top fails and top pranks.

Just For Laughs – This is a Canadian television show that has been around for a long time. They make small but funny innocent pranks on random people, usually out in public. They have hundreds of videos from their show and is regularly updated with more clips.

Roman Atwood – Well known prankster that regularly uploads videos of pranks him and his friends do. Some of his pranks are pretty extreme.

Vitalyzd TV – Another well known prankster that has even been arrested for the extreme pranks that he does to random people, usually in public.

Steve-O – Not much introduction is needed for this guy, star of the popular show/movies Jackass. After he cleaned up (from a bad drug habit), he has decided to very recently start his own YouTube channel in which he goes around doing random pranks and random painful things to himself.


Husky StarCraft – A really good commentator to my favorite game of all time. He regularly casts videos of recent pro league replays from tournaments and other neat matches.

Force Strategy Gaming – Good channel for a small list of games that he prefers to play, he casts replays from StarCraft as well as casts his own gameplay.


Asap Science – This quickly became one of my favorite channels due to how they easily explain complicated science questions. They have a very neat way of showing it as well, which makes it very entertaining.

All Time 10s – This channel posts videos on a list of 10 things for a variety of subjects. Very educational and they update regularly.

Mental Floss – The famous informal magazine has a great channel with many great videos, even some that debunk popular myths.

Do It Yourself:

Rosanna Pansino – She’s good at showing how to make themed cakes and other holiday crafts


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