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The Jamaican Bike

We’ve all heard our elders say “Kids don’t know how easy they have it these days”, truth is, it’s true for every generation. Things like vaccines and television made life better for our parents, computers and new medicine has made our lives easier, but what about our kids? I always find my son playing on some piece of technology, even though he has a room filled with amazing toys I could only dream of having when I was kid. Even though I did play with my handheld gaming device a lot, I would not go a single day without dedicating a few hours to my action figures or Lego pieces. When ever I take away my son’s tech devices, he acts like it’s the end of the world and he has nothing else to do, as he sits on his bed surrounded by bins of toys, he’s only 5.

Lets be honest though, all kids in America have it better than other kids, specially in third world countries, which brings me to this pretty neat video of a kid that has not only brought joy to himself, but to other kids as well, simply by using what’s available to him.