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Museum Of Rocks That Look Like Faces

There’s a very interesting museum in Chichibu, Japan, filled with rocks that look like faces. It is currently owned by Yoshiko Hayama, the wife of the original owner who passed away in 2010. Shozo Hayama spent 50 years collecting rocks that looked like faces. The museum has over 1,700 rocks that resemble human faces. A lot of the rocks have names, but many still remain unnamed so Yoshiko occasionally invites visitors to name the rocks.

The museum houses all kinds of jinmenseki, or rock with a human face, including celebrity lookalikes like Elvis Presley. And according to a 2013 post on Kotaku, there are also movie and video game character rocks like E.T., Donkey Kong and Nemo.

I would personally find this a very interesting visit, certainly makes me want to learn how and where he collected all of these rocks from. It would be great to hear the story of the journey involved in collecting all these rocks. Below are a couple of photos of some of the collection.

Source: ThisIsColossal