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Weird Animal Monday: Angora Rabbit

There are 4 recognized Angora breeds recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders’ Association, this is an English Angora Rabbit.

What may look like Hasbro’s new Kirby stuffed animal lineup is actually a real rabbit. These fuzzy rabbits are normally bred for their soft wool, which is said to be thinner and finer than cashmere. They are very calm and docile, but must be handled carefully. Because of their excessive wool, they must be shorn every 90 days to prevent Wool Block, a condition in which their wool gets stuck in their digestive system and may be fatal. Although these rabbits may look very big, it’s mostly their fluffy hairs  that give them their large appearance as they only weight anywhere between 4.4lbs to 7.7lbs.

I’ve personally never seen any of these around, but it would be very neat to have one. I can imagine celebrities soon carrying these around as to start a new trend. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be a good idea because of the maintenance these rabbits require.