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Weird Animal Monday: Panda Ant

One of 3,000 species of wasps.

I’ve never been a fan of insects, but there are some that I tolerate more than others. Ants are the only insects besides flies that I would tolerate being around or touching. As adorable as this panda colored insect looks, it’s actually not an ant, it’s a wasp. It belongs to a family of more than 3,000 wasps better known as cow killers or cow ants due to their painful sting. The reason they look like ants is because they are wingless females. There are also some red/orange ones often referred to as velvet ants. A lot of these species of Mutillidae are found in the southwestern United States and adjacent parts of Mexico (far away from me thankfully).

Source: Wikipedia
Photo Credit: Chris Lukhaup

Weird Animal Monday: Bioluminescent Octopus

The adhesive suckers on the female are all the same size while the ones on the male vary in size.

I’ve seen this image a few times and decided to find out a little more about this amazing looking octopus. This is the Bioluminescent Octopus, scientifically known as: Stauroteuthis syrtensis. It is found in the North Atlantic Ocean, at extreme depths that range from 500 to 4,000 m. It has eight tentacles that are unequal in length, the longest extending to about 14 in., and they are joined by two webs, which gives it its umbrella-like shape. There are a total of about 60 adhesive suckers on each arm, 40 of which are modified to emit a blue-green light, known as photophores. It is believed that the function of these photophores is as defense, to scare off predators, and to also lure small crustaceans, its primary diet. The texture is gelatinous (as you would expect), and it is reddish-brown and translucent (you can see its organs through its skin!).

I’ve always been amazed by deep-sea creatures, the mystery of what we haven’t discovered yet has always interested me. Unfortunately this creature is so rare there are no videos of it. The known information is known only from a few gathered specimens.

Source: OurBreathingPlanet


Weird Animal Monday: Angora Rabbit

There are 4 recognized Angora breeds recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders’ Association, this is an English Angora Rabbit.

What may look like Hasbro’s new Kirby stuffed animal lineup is actually a real rabbit. These fuzzy rabbits are normally bred for their soft wool, which is said to be thinner and finer than cashmere. They are very calm and docile, but must be handled carefully. Because of their excessive wool, they must be shorn every 90 days to prevent Wool Block, a condition in which their wool gets stuck in their digestive system and may be fatal. Although these rabbits may look very big, it’s mostly their fluffy hairs  that give them their large appearance as they only weight anywhere between 4.4lbs to 7.7lbs.

I’ve personally never seen any of these around, but it would be very neat to have one. I can imagine celebrities soon carrying these around as to start a new trend. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be a good idea because of the maintenance these rabbits require.